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“Stress Buster” on ABC

April 15, 2008

There is a new TV show “Stress Buster” on ABC which is basically a reality TV show on workplace stress. Dr Niki Ellis states the problems we all know of and points out,
“we can do a lot to change things, in fact we must”.

This blog is not about listing all the problems of stress – this program shows it all and it is not a surprise to most of us.
I am interested in solutions.

Individuals can change how they deal with the situation. If management won’t change the workplace, then people need to change their behaviour or how they perceive their situation.

It is important to always focus on what can be changed personally, instead of dwelling on those aspects that are out of people’s control.

You need to build a protective buffer by managing stress positively.


The stress buffer provides a cushion around you, protecting you from being overwhelmed. It won’t stop stress happening but it will enable you to survive whilst you carry on with life.  
No-one else can change the situation for you so you need to find the best ways to deal with stress yourself.

Here are a few ways you can build your stress buffer.


·         Assess why you are stressed. If you can identify the situations or people that are stressful, you can then develop ways to avoid them or control the situation. For example, I get stressed if I find myself in a meeting without enough information to prove my point. I make sure I have prepared well enough that I am not put in this situation. What stresses you? How can you prevent these situations?

·         Use time management techniques. If lack of time is causing your stress, take control of your time. Say “no” more often. Discuss with your manager how much work you have as you may find it can be reassigned. Ask people to book your time rather than just dropping by. Shut down your email program for several hours per day so you can work uninterrupted.

·         Get some social support. This may be from your partner, your peers or work colleagues or even a third party like a work counselling service. You do need support when you are stressed, so you feel able to cope. Maybe it is just having someone to look after the kids while you have a walk or a rest one weekend.

In my book, “How to Enjoy Your Job”, the results of stress are discussed in Chapter 2, and the Chapter 4 focuses on “Coping with stress at work”.