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Thankyou Randy…honour your childhood dreams

July 26, 2008
Randy Pausch and wife Jai

Randy Pausch and wife Jai

Randy Pausch died yesterday at 47 of pancreatic cancer. But he died having spent his last months living a huge life. Through his “Last Lecture” which went on to become a book, he touched millions of lives. He wanted to leave a message for his children, but he also inspired the rest of us.

How can his message make a difference in your working life?

  • Your work is an integral part of your life. Randy loved teaching and used his lecture at work to change people’s lives. He saw the potential in people, and believed they could achieve far more than they themselves believed. You can achieve far more than you think. You just need to find what you really want to do and then aim for it.
  • What were your childhood dreams? Are they forgotten? Did you lose your passion for life along the road of working slog? Well, it’s time to resurrect those dreams. You are still alive, and every day you can get one step closer to achieving what you want in life.
  • Randy believed in making memories and having experiences with his children and his wife. He didn’t sweat the small stuff but spent his last months ensuring that he was remembered for having fun. One of the things I do several times a year is print out my photos and stick them on coloured card in a folder. If there are not enough photos of the year so far, I know I am not having enough experiences. Are you making memories? Are you having enough fun? This is one of his quotes “Never underestimate the importance of having fun. I’m dying and I’m having fun. And I’m going to keep having fun every day because there’s no other way to play it.”
  • If you knew you had only a few months to live, what would you do? It is an intellectual exercise for us, but Randy lived these thoughts and chose to change the world with his speech. Do you want to get to the end of your life with regrets on what you didn’t do with your life? The time is now. The place is now. Get on with it. Write down your list of what you would love to do, and start ticking things off it.
  • Decide how you will achieve it, stop making excuses and do it. You can start with the small goals, maybe you want to learn to dance, or make pottery – enroll in a class. Maybe you want to travel the world – go and get some travel books from the library, some national geographic magazines from the charity shop and inspire yourself! Maybe you hate your job – well, make a plan and get out of it. The only thing limiting you, is you.

Thank you Randy. You helped us all to focus on what is truly important in life.

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The Last Lecture: for much needed inspiration

July 14, 2008

This is a video review of “The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. The book was written after the Last Lecture itself which can also be seen on YouTube.
If you are having a bad day, and you need some inspiration – this book is just what you need.

Some of the best bits for me were:

  • There are 2 types of families – those who need a dictionary to get through dinner, and those who don’t
  • If you have a question, find the answer
  • On self esteem – give them something they can’t do, they work hard until they find they can do it – Repeat.
  • Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Once you get over them, it can be helpful to tell others how you did it.
  • Time must be explicitly managed, like money.
  • You can always change your plan, but only if you have one.
  • Give yourself permission to dream. Fuel your kids dreams.
  • Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.
  • Failure is not just acceptable, it’s often essential.
  • The First Penguin award: given to those who are first in the water with their ideas. There might be predators, but they take the risk and get out there.
  • All you have to do is ask.
  • Take your kids on crazy experiences – it’s about time with you, doing things and building memories.
  • Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others – sort out your own problems first.

You can visit Randy’s homepage here
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iTunes U: Get your self-development here!

July 7, 2008

This is a momentous event in the world of self-development!

iTunes has launched iTunesU – a portal for education, featuring online lectures in audio and video format. You can download these for FREE making learning accessible and easy whenever you can spare some time.

I am a huge fan of self-development and devote an entire chapter on it in my book “How to Enjoy Your Job” . I recommend using your commute to develop your brain, and your spare time to expand your opportunities by learning new things. Here is a brilliant (and free) way to do it!

Here are some of the available lectures for FREE at iTunesU that sounded pretty cool to me. You may think these are wierd and not for you – but check out the selection on line as there is something for everyone.

  • The psychology of blink: Understanding how our mind works unconsciously: Allen Edwards Psychology lectures
  • Money 101: Buzzwords: Clear the confusion with simple, direct discussions of key economic jargon
  • Ben Franklin and the world of the enlightenment
  • A holiday in France: Language lectures
  • Ask a Biologist: cool lectures such as Nanobiology
  • Einstein and the Mind of God
  • Really achieving your childhood dreams – Randy Pausch (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Oprah Winfrey’s 2008 Commencement Address at Stanford University
  • The Persistance of memory: Salvador Dali

To find these and so many more – go to iTunes store, and choose the iTunesU link.

Happy learning! and Post here if you find some cool lectures you want to share!
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