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New study shows office workers are getting fatter

May 25, 2008

A new study by shows that office workers are getting fatter.

34% of IT workers have gained more than 10lbs in their current jobs, and 17% have gained twice that.

53% of financial services and 52% of government workers have also put on weight.

Eating out , lack of portion control, sedentary jobs and the need for reward all add to the difficulty of staying slim at work. Here are 5 ways you can eat more healthily at the office.



a.      Have nutritious snacks around so that when you make a grab for a snack you reach a healthy one. Some great snacks to have around the office include fresh fruit, nuts, whole wheat biscuits or crackers, low-fat energy bars, and hummus with pita bread.

b.      Keep your own set of snacks nearby or in a locked drawer so when the hunger pangs strike you don’t start running to the vending machine! The key is to be prepared so that you don’t give in to impulse eating—something you are likely to do when the work pressure is on and there isn’t any time to think or prepare food.

c.       Choose low-fat versions, diet versions, and sugar-less versions of things you consume such as yoghurt, ice cream, soda, milk and various snacks.

d.      Screen for trans-fats in popular items such as popcorn and chips. Try to avoid them completely and substitute with healthier options such as cottage cheese, crackers, granola bars, etc.

e.      Have a drink of icy cold water both before and after meals. The drink before the meal will mean reduced appetite for food and the drink after the meal will help you to burn more calories while digesting the food.