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Sex with your boss: 7 reasons not to do it!

May 10, 2008

There is something about power and authority, late night meetings, work conferences and Friday night drinks. It’s good to look forward to going to work, if only for the chance to flirt or feel attractive.
Sex with the boss is one of the clichés of the office job, for the very fact that it can be quite delicious. But here are 7 very good reasons why you should NOT have sex with your boss.

1) Someone will find out. Email is not private and those text messages will be seen, especially if it is a company phone. Someone will catch the glance you send in the direction of your lover. The secretary will notice how much time you spend together. It will be obvious over time, even if you think you are being discreet.

2) It does not do your reputation any good. When people find out later, then they will assume that your work and position in the company was influenced by your relationship. Even if you think modern society accepts these things, it will still affect your career.

3) The sex may be fantastic…or it may be awful and embarrassing. Flirting and promises are much more exciting than the actuality of ending up in a hotel somewhere to discover you are just not sexually compatible. The embarrassment continues at work, and the excitement is gone, and you end up transferred or leaving.

4) You will be distracted from the job at hand and will not perform as well. You will spend too much time making sure you look good and that the boss sees what you are doing. You will neglect co-workers, friends and even clients in the pursuit of this attention.

5) You cannot ask your boss for a job reference later. Either they give you a glowing referral that you suspect is to do with your relationship. Or they give you a bad one as they feel guilty and blame you for the affair. So you end up not asking them which is a waste of a good reference and could affect your future prospects.

6) It has to end at some point. They will not leave their wife/husband for you. Either you will leave the job, or move to a different department and you will both move on. If you end up loving them and they finish it, you will be hurt so just don’t start it in the first place.

7) They may regret it in the morning and you will be out of your current position in no time. They are the boss for a reason. Respect them, flirt with them – but do not have sex with them.

There are plenty of other ways you can enjoy your job, other than having an office affair. Keep your eyes (and your hands) off the boss!
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