Free Articles Available with Permission to Reprint

 I have written a number of articles – some based on blog posts, others are stand-alone. You have permission to reprint as long as you include the resource box on the article. There are available at this link =>

Examples include:

– Work from home: 7 reasons you should do it
– What do you really want to do for a job: 5 questions to ask yourself
– Praise and appreciation: the keys to job satisfaction
– Lunch breaks: why you need to take one every day
– How to earn 6 figures as a consultant
– Communication at work: 6 steps to being more effective
– Are you happy in your job: Take this test to find out
– 7 ways to use your commute to improve your brain
– 7 reasons why you should NOT have sex with your boss
– “I hate my job”: 3 stages to changing your career
– Social networking: how to use it to get a job

You can also sign up to be notified when new articles are posted, so you always get new content.

The articles are original work by Joanna Penn, author of “How to Enjoy Your Job”.


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