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These are some of the top articles on the site. Click on the title to read more.

Improve communication in the workplace

Social networking – 8 ways to use it to get a job

Praise and satisfaction: the keys to job satisfaction

Communication at work – 6 steps to being more effective

12 ways to improve your personal efficiency

Career Change – 7 steps to a new you

Top 10 Career Related New Years Resolutions

Do something meaningful outside of work – 10 reasons to write a book

Multi-cultural workplaces : 7 ways to make them work

Work from home: 7 reasons why you should do it

Money : 5 financial tips to improve your working financial situation

Networking: 5 ways it can help your career

Need a raise: 10 tips for your salary review

Resume: 7 ways to update your resume

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Joanna Penn is the author of “How to Enjoy Your Job”. Free workbook available at


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