Career Change: Enhance your job seeking: 6 new ways to try

Author and new blogger Ron Nash has just posted a great article about  6 ways to enhance your job search dramatically. 

He uses social networking as one way to expand your sphere of influence, and also suggests monitoring your reputation online to make sure you stay squeaky clean. You can also see my previous blog post on 8 ways to use Social Networking to get a job. 

HR departments now routinely check Google for new candidates and they will check out your MySpace and Facebook for dodgy photos! On the other hand, if you are going for a tech job, and cannot be found online, then you better get posting! 

Information about Ron and his book “How to find your Dream Job, even in a Recession” can be seen at his website 


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One Response to “Career Change: Enhance your job seeking: 6 new ways to try”

  1. thefriendzone Says:

    The topic of enjoying your job is very relevant idea at anytime, but more specifically even during an economic downturn. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of candidates over the past decade and a half and the first question I always pose is “why” they would be interested in changing. I’ve created a system called the Euclidean Career Square, which measure how people feel about the 4 major areas of their careers. The areas are People (do you love the people you work with?), Money (are you making enough?), Growth (is there a career path?) and Work to Life Balance. If at any time, either of these elements are out of balance, most people will feel unhappy and look for a new opportunity. Sometimes the answer is in how you manage your own internal processing, sometimes it’s simply time to change – Enjoying your job, is one of the most important things you can do in your life!

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