The Hadron Collider: How it affects you


Hadron Collider

Hadron Collider

It’s been a big week in the world of physics!

If you want all the techy details on the Hadron Collider, then go here=>

A quick round-up for lay-people: it is a big machine that will try to collide proton beams in an attempt to find sub-atomic matter. It has never been done before. 


Why does it matter? 

  • The Earth might explode so we are all going to die. Some people think that the collision of particles will destory the earth immediately, or when the mini black holes grow big enough to consume the planet ( in a few months). Scientists have said this cannot happen, but let’s face it – this is cutting edge science and no one has a clue what will happen. So this is a great time to take stock of your life! If you thought you were going to die in several months, would you want to be in this job? 

The truth is that you are going to die sometime, even if it not imminently.
If you would not stay in the job, then why not? 
and how about making some plans to escape and do something you would love to do… 

  • Inspirational teams and passionate people. This group of scientists have been working for years to get the Hadron Collider going. But it started off with someone’s idea… then passionate people worked towards a common goal – step by step. This has not been done before so there was no book to read, no-one to ask for help. They made it up. This is truely creative, inspirational stuff!  

So the science might not thrill you but this accomplishment is demonstration that great things can be achieved over time, in small steps. Things that the mind has not even conceived yet. 

One of your ideas could  grow into something life changing (even if it is just your life that is changed) … what do you dream of achieving?

You don’t need to know how to get there … you just need to take the first step.

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