Why I enjoy my job now…

I love my job

I love my job

People ask me why I enjoy my job now, when in the past I have been miserable.
The following are some of the main reasons – as you read them, consider if these are important to you too, and do you have the chance to achieve them in your job?  

  • Freedom of time and control. I work for myself and get paid by the day. So I can choose to go to work and get paid, or to stay at home and not get paid. I have freedom of time and control when I need it.
  • Great people. I work with a great team. My Manager trusts me to do the job and doesn’t micromanage. She lets me have time off when I need it and appreciates that I have a life outside of work. She appreciates my alternative career as an author. My colleagues are good fun, we trust each other and our personalities work well.
  • Being valued and appreciated. Even though I am a contractor, I am valued for my role in the team. I contribute and am recognised for that. I am asked for my opinion, and it is taken into account.


  • Challenge and variety at work. I work on projects that often overlap so there is always something else to do and new deadlines to aim for. I get to work on different parts of the design and have variety in the tasks I work on. There is a certain amount of stress, but there are always people who can help if the workload is too much. There is a good work/life balance focus in the organisation and we are encouraged to exercise as well as leave at a reasonable time.
  • A higher purpose and longer term focus. I have a purpose that is above and beyond my current job. I am focussing on developing my career as an author, writing and learning in my spare time. My work is not the most important thing in my life.


  • Financially rewarded. I am paid at the market rate for what I do, which is a good wage and I am able to invest and save as well as pay the bills.
  • Time for self-development. I have time every day to study and read. Although in the past, my commute has been a pain, I now appreciate it as I spend nearly 2 hours a day reading and developing myself in areas outside of work.

What do you enjoy about your job?

How did I get to this point?

It was an active decision to find a way to enjoy my job after years of job misery.
I wrote down what I wanted and aimed for that. If you have read about the Law of Attraction and synchronicity, you will know that what you focus on, you are more likely to get.  As I wrote the book “How to Enjoy Your Job”, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy and my work changed into something I enjoyed. The book contains my findings along the way and the processes that can also help you enjoy your working life.
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