Trapped in your job? Change your reality

Expand your reality

Expand your reality

It is important to break this cycle of thinking and change your perception of what is around you. What you perceive is just a tiny piece of the actual reality. There are unlimited possibilities; you just need to break down the mental barrier that stops you seeing them.

The brain processes a great deal of information from the world around, and in general people are unconscious of most of it. What is perceived consciously is controlled by your personal filters developed over time based on past life experiences and expectations. These filters construct the wall around your own world, and it can be hard to see beyond this.

What are some of the thoughts that control your situation?
Are there ways you could change your thinking to alter how you see the world?

If you are trapped in a certain way of seeing yourself and your situation, your brain filters will only allow that type of information to be processed and you will not see the means to your escape. If you think that this job is the only one you can get, it will be the only one available to you. If you believe you are trapped, you will be.

But there are opportunities, you just need to see them and the way will be opened for you.

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing,
that we see too late the one that is open.”
Alexander Graham Bell

Excerpt and diagram from Chapter 6 of “How to Enjoy Your Job”

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